Identity Reporting 7.1.1

Fixes, limitations, and known issues

This section covers key issues in Identity Governance software, both past, and present.

New fixes in 7.1.1

  • IGA-114 - IDR bundle install location

  • IGA-1285 - Fix SQL report download from report screen

  • IGA-1288 - Uniform pagination across data source types

  • IGA-1314 - UI - Display of managed/user objects on form edits showing invalid data

  • IGA-1315 - UI - Fix visibility of create definition button

  • IGA-1396 - UI - Fix async select of definitions on report schedules search parameters

  • IGA-1429 - UI - Definition columns not showing overflow text

  • IGA-1536 - Set proper commit and version info in conf

  • IGA-1700 - Restrict data source information returned

  • IGA-1701 - IGA installer front end directory reference

  • IGA-1706 - Add bearer token path and content type for API authentication call


Identity Reporting does not support internationalization or multi-language support of any kind.

Known issues

There are no known issues at this time.

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