Configuration Event Topic Properties

Event PropertyDescription
_id UUID for the message object, such as "0419d364-1b3d-4e4f-b769-555c3ca098b0".
timestamp Time that IDM logged the message, in UTC format; for example, "2020-05-18T08:48:00.160Z".
eventName Name of the audit event: config for this log.
transactionId UUID of the transaction; you might see the same transaction for the same event in different audit event topics.
userIdUser ID.
trackingIdA unique value for the object being tracked.
runAs User to run the activity as; can be used in delegated administration.
objectId Object identifier, such as ui.
operation Common REST operation taken on the object; for example, UPDATE, DELETE, or ACTION.
before JSON representation of the object prior to the activity.
after JSON representation of the object after to the activity.
changedFields Fields that were changed, based on "Fields to Watch".
revisionObject revision number.
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