Managing User Roles

Some users need accounts on multiple systems. For example, insurance agents may also have insurance policies with the company that they work for. In that situation, the insurance agent is also a customer of the company.

Alternatively, a salesperson may also test customer engineering scenarios. That salesperson may also need access to engineering systems.

Each of these user scenarios is known as a role. You can set up a consolidated set of attributes associated with each role. To do so, you would configure custom roles to assign to selected users. For example, you may assign both insured and agent roles to an agent, while assigning the insured role to all customers.

In a similar fashion, you can assign both sales and engineering roles to the sales engineer.

You can then synchronize users with those roles into appropriate data stores.

For more information, see "Managed Roles". For a sample of how you can configure external roles, see Provision Users With Roles.

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