Reset User Passwords

When working with end users, administrators frequently have to reset their passwords. You can do so directly, through the Admin UI. Alternatively, you can configure an external system for that purpose, or set up password reset, as described in Password Reset.

  1. Select Manage > User and select the user whose password you want to change.

  2. Select the Password tab for that user and change the password.

By default, the Password Reset mechanism is handled within IDM. You can reroute Password Reset in the event that a user has forgotten their password, by specifying an external URL to which Password Reset requests are sent. Note that this URL applies to the Password Reset link on the login page only, not to the security data change facility that is available after a user has logged in.

To set an external URL to handle Password Reset, set the passwordResetLink parameter in conf/ui-configuration.json. The following example sets the passwordResetLink to

passwordResetLink: ""

The passwordResetLink parameter takes either an empty string as a value (which indicates that no external link is used) or a full URL to the external system that handles Password Reset requests.


External Password Reset and security questions for internal Password Reset are mutually exclusive. Therefore, if you set a value for the passwordResetLink parameter, users will not be prompted with any security questions, regardless of the setting of the securityQuestions parameter.

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