Custom Workflow Templates

The embedded workflow engine integrates with the default End User UI. For simple custom workflows, you can use the standard Flowable form properties, and have the UI render the corresponding generic forms automatically. For more complex functionality, including input validation, rich input field types, complex CSS, and more, you must define a custom form template.

The default workflows provided with IDM use the Vue JS framework for display in the End User UI. To write a custom form template, you must have a basic understanding of the Vue JS framework and how to create components. A sample workflow template is provided at /path/to/samples/provisioning-with-workflow/workflow/ To extract the archive, run the following command:

jar -xvf
inflated: contractorForm.js
inflated: contractorOnboarding.bpmn20.xml

The archive includes the workflow definition contactorOnboarding.bpmn20.xml and the corresponding JavaScript template contractorForm.js to render the workflow in the UI.

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