Known Issues

The following important issues remained open at the time of the IDM 7.0.0 release. For details and information on other issues, see the IDM issue tracker:

  • OPENIDM-14828: updateLastSync sets returnByDefault relationship to empty array

  • OPENIDM-15220: Temporal constraints on internal role grants with privileges are not reflected in the end-user UI

  • OPENIDM-11765: Warnings on startup with Java 11

  • OPENIDM-12177: Notifications service does not work with relationship fields

  • OPENIDM-14666: SCIM connector cannot be configured through the UI

  • OPENIDM-12187: Creating a new Marketo connector in UI fails

  • OPENIDM-14645: Saving privacy & encryption or script tab on relationship edit screen doesn't save

  • OPENIDM-15119: Admin UI should not enforce uniqueness on array properties

  • OPENIDM-14494: Admin UI: Email Settings handling of property substitution

  • OPENIDM-15086: Using POST "_action=patch&_queryId=for-userName" succeeds despite read-only flag

  • OPENIDM-15145: UI: Audit Filter Policies only save to "excludeIf"

  • OPENIDM-9692: Usernames for workflow are case sensitive

  • OPENIDM-12805: Allow target-vertex field filtering on edge-vertex relationship query with embedded DJ

  • OPENIDM-14832: triggerSyncProperties does not work when using an encrypted password

  • OPENIDM-15019: End-user UI displays user name without accents (umlaut etc)

  • OPENIDM-14601: "View Resource" button in linked systems links to invalid URL

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