ForgeRock Identity Management 7.0.x has the following known limitations:

  • Workflows are not supported with a DS repository. If you are using a DS repository for IDM data, you must configure a separate JDBC repository as the workflow datasource.

  • The embedded workflow and business process engine is based on Flowable and the Business Process and Notation (BPMN) 2.0 standard. As an embedded system, local integration is supported. Remote integration is not currently supported.

For DS repositories, relationships must be defined in the repository configuration (repo.ds.json). If you do not explicitly define relationships in the repository configuration, you will be able to query those relationships, but filtering and sorting on those queries will not work. For more information, see "Relationship Properties in a DS Repository".

For OracleDB repositories, queries that use the queryFilter syntax do not work on CLOB columns in explicit tables.

When using privileges, relationships are not returned in queries. This means information that is handled as a relationship to another object (such as roles for a managed user) will not be available.

When you add or edit a connector through the Admin UI, the list of required Base Connector Details is not necessarily accurate for your deployment. Some of these details might be required for specific deployment scenarios only. If you need a connector configuration where not all the Base Connector Details are required, you must create your connector configuration file over REST or by editing the provisioner file. For more information, see Configure Connectors.

A conditional GET request, with the If-Match request header, is not supported.

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