IG 2023.6


Dispatches a request and context to an ordered list of filters, and then finally to a handler.

Filters process the incoming request and context, pass it on to the next filter, and then to the handler. After the handler produces a response, the filters process the outgoing response and context as it makes its way to the client. Note that the same filter can process both the incoming request and the outgoing response but most filters do one or the other.

A Chain can be placed in a configuration anywhere that a handler can be placed.

Unlike ChainOfFilters, Chain finishes by dispatching the request to a handler. For more information, refer to ChainOfFilters.


     "name": string,
     "type": "Chain",
     "config": {
         "filters": [ Filter reference, ... ],
         "handler": Handler reference


"filters": array of Filter references, required

An array of names of filter objects defined in the heap, and inline filter configuration objects.

The chain dispatches the request to these filters in the order they appear in the array.

See also Filters.

"handler": Handler reference, required

Either the name of a handler object defined in the heap, or an inline handler configuration object.

The chain dispatches to this handler after the request has traversed all of the specified filters.

See also Handlers.


     "name": "LoginChain",
     "type": "Chain",
     "config": {
         "filters": [ "LoginFilter" ],
         "handler": "ReverseProxyHandler"
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