IG 2023.6


Provides SSO tokens and their validation information. When the SingleSignOnFilter or CrossDomainSingleSignOnFilter processes a request, it injects the value of the SSO token and additional information in this context.


The context is named ssoToken, and is accessible at ${contexts.ssoToken}. The context has the following properties:

"info": java.util.Map

A map with the format Map<String, Object>, where

  • Key: Property bound to the SSO token, such as realm or uid

  • Value: Value of the property

Information associated with the SSO token, such as realm or uid. Cannot be null.

"loginEndpoint": java.lang.String

A string representing the URL of the login endpoint, evaluated from the configuration of SingleSignOnFilter.

"value": java.lang.String

The value of the SSO token. Cannot be null.

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