IG 2023.6


This filter acts as a policy enforcement point, protecting access as a User-Managed Access (UMA) resource server. Specifically, this filter ensures that a request for protected resources includes a valid requesting party token with appropriate scopes before allowing the response to flow back to the requesting party.


    "name": string,
    "type": "UmaFilter",
    "config": {
        "protectionApiHandler": Handler reference,
        "umaService": UmaService reference,
        "realm": configuration expression<string>


"protectionApiHandler": Handler reference, required

The handler to use when interacting with the UMA authorization server for token introspection and permission requests, such as a ClientHandler capable of making an HTTPS connection to the server.

For information, refer to Handlers.

"umaService": UmaService reference, required

The UmaService to use when protecting resources.

For information, refer to UmaService.

"realm": configuration expression<string>, optional

The UMA realm set in the response to a request for a protected resource that does not include a requesting party token enabling access to the resource.

Default: uma

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