IG 2023.6

Heap objects

A heaplet creates and initializes an object that is stored in a heap. A heaplet can retrieve objects it depends on from the heap.

A heap is a collection of associated objects created and initialized by heaplet objects. All configurable objects in IG are heap objects.

The heap configuration is included as an object in admin.json and config.json.


        "name": string,
        "type": string,
        "config": {
            object-specific configuration


"name": string, required except for inline objects

The unique name to give the heap object in the heap. This name is used to resolve the heap object, for example, when another heap object names a heap object dependency.

"type": string, required

The class name of the object to be created. To determine the type name, see the object’s documentation in this reference.

"config": object, required

The configuration that is specific to the heap object being created.

If all the fields are optional and the configuration uses only default settings, you can omit the config field instead of including an empty config object as the field value.

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