IG 2024.3


IG supports internationalization (i18n) to facilitate localization for target audiences that vary in culture, region, or language.

Information type Character set/encoding

HTTP header names and values

HTTP trailer names and values

Response entities for StaticResponseHandler

The Content-Type header must be set.

For text content, the character set must also be specified; for example:

  • Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8

  • Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8

The entity must conform to the content type.

Text in request and response entities for CaptureDecorator

If the Content-Type header is set for the request or response, the decorator uses it to decode the text in request or response messages, and then writes them to the logs.

If the Content-Type header is not set, the decorator does not write the request or response messages to the logs.


The system default character set where IG is running.

To use a different character set, configure logback.xml as described in Change the character set and format of log messages.

IG configuration files


Non US-ASCII characters must be escaped with Punycode encoding.


Non US-ASCII and reserved characters must be escaped with percent-encoding.

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