Java Policy Agents 5.10.2

Set-Cookie Internal Map

When creating internal cookies, such as am-auth-jwt and the pre-authentication cookies, this property sets additional attributes by adding text into the Set-Cookie header.

Specify a key:value map, where the key is the cookie name, and the value is the string to add to the Set-Cookie header. If the key is omitted, the value becomes the default for all cookies.

Separate multiple values with a semicolon.


  • Set the SameSite attribute of the am-auth-jwt cookie:[am-auth-jwt]=samesite=strict

  • Set the SameSite attribute of all cookies:

  • Set several attributes of mycookie:[myCookie]=Max-Age=10000;

Property name

  Introduced in Java Agent
  Recognized from AM 7



  • Keys: Agent internal cookie name

  • Values: (samesite) text to be added to the Set-Cookie header

Bootstrap property


Required property


Restart required


Local configuration file

AM console

Tab: SSO (from AM 7)

Title: Set-Cookie Internal Map

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