Interface InitParams

InitParams - Interface for the init method parameters envId: string - Required; the environment id from your PingOne tenant

    • All other parameters are optional
interface InitParams {
    envId: string;
    consoleLogEnabled?: boolean;
    waitForWindowLoad?: boolean;
    hubUrl?: string;
    disableHub?: boolean;
    deviceAttributesToIgnore?: string[];
    lazyMetadata?: boolean;
    behavioralDataCollection?: boolean;
    disableTags?: boolean;
    externalIdentifiers?: Identifiers;
    deviceKeyRsyncIntervals?: number;
    enableTrust?: boolean;


envId: string
consoleLogEnabled?: boolean
waitForWindowLoad?: boolean
hubUrl?: string
disableHub?: boolean
deviceAttributesToIgnore?: string[]
lazyMetadata?: boolean
behavioralDataCollection?: boolean
disableTags?: boolean
externalIdentifiers?: Identifiers
deviceKeyRsyncIntervals?: number
enableTrust?: boolean