OAuth 2.0 Endpoints

When acting as an OAuth 2.0 authorization server, AM exposes the following endpoints:

OAuth 2.0 Endpoints
/oauth2/authorizeObtain consent and an authorization grant (RFC 6749 authorization endpoint)
/oauth2/bc-authorizeInitiate backchannel authorization (Backchannel flow endpoint)
/oauth2/access_tokenObtain an access token (RFC 6749 token endpoint)
/oauth2/device/codeObtain a device code (Device flow endpoint)
/oauth2/device/userObtain consent and authorization grant (Device flow endpoint)
/oauth2/token/revokeRevoke both access and refresh tokens (RFC 7009 endpoint)
/oauth2/introspectRetrieve metadata about a token, such as approved scopes and the context in which the token was issued (RFC 7662 endpoint)
/json/token/macaroonRetrieve metadata about a macaroon, and add caveats.


As an OAuth 2.0/OpenID Connect provider, AM also exposes the following:

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