OpenID Connect 1.0 Endpoints

When acting as an OpenID Connect provider, AM exposes the following endpoints:

OpenID Connect 1.0 Endpoints
"/oauth2/userinfo"Retrieve information about an authenticated user. It requires a valid token issued with, at least, the openid scope (OpenID Connect userinfo endpoint).
"/oauth2/idtokeninfo"Validates unencrypted ID tokens (AM-specific endpoint).
"/oauth2/connect/checkSession"Retrieves OpenID Connect session information (OpenID Connect Session Management endpoint).
"/oauth2/connect/endSession"Invalidates OpenID Connect sessions (OpenID Connect Session Management endpoint).
"/oauth2/register"Register, read, and delete OAuth 2.0 clients (RFC7592 and RFC7591)
"/.well-known/webfinger"Retrieve the URL of the OpenID provider during OpenID Connect discovery.
"/oauth2/.well-known/openid-configuration"Retrieve provider configuration during OpenID Connect discovery.
"/oauth2/connect/jwk_uri"Expose the public keys that clients can use to verify the signature of client-based tokens and to encrypt OpenID Connect requests sent as a JWT.


When AM acts as an OpenID Connect provider, the OAuth 2.0 endpoints support OpenID Connect specific parameters, such as prompt and ui_locales.

For a complete list of the endpoints and parameters AM supports as an OAuth 2.0/OpenID Connect provider, see OAuth 2.0 Endpoints and OAuth 2.0 Administration and Supporting REST Endpoints.

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