Configuring UMA

You can configure the AM OAuth 2.0 authorization server to double as an UMA provider service. You can also configure AM OAuth 2.0 clients to work as a resource server agent, a requesting party, and a resource owner.

The high-level steps to configure UMA are:

  • "Configuring UMA Stores"

    AM provides a default store created in the AM configuration store, but you can create dedicated stores to scale your environment.

  • "UMA Setup Procedures"

    Set up AM as the UMA provider, and several clients to play the part of resource server agent, requesting party, and resource owner.

    You can use them to register UMA resources using REST, and to test the UMA grant flow.


    You can use the AM instance doubling as UMA provider as the UMA resource server, but you can also configure ForgeRock Identity Gateway as the resource server. The examples in this section use uri://-*- as a sample resource server URI. See the ForgeRock Identity Gateway Guide.

Once UMA is configured in the environment, your end users can share resources. See "Additional Functionality for UMA End Users ".

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