Managing UMA Labels

Apply labels to resources to help organize and locate them more easily. Resources can have multiple labels applied to them, and labels can apply to multiple resources.

Resources support three types of labels:

User Labels
  • Managed by the resource owner after the resource has been registered to them.

  • Can be created and deleted. Deleting a label does not delete the resources to which it was applied.

  • Support nested hierarchies. Separate levels of the hierarchy with forward slashes (/) when creating a label. For example, Top Level/Second Level/My Label.

  • Are only visible to the user who created them.

You can manage user labels by using the AM console, or by using a REST interface. For more information, see "UMA Labels Endpoint for Users" and "To Apply User Labels to a Resource".

System Labels
  • Created by the resource server when registering a resource.

  • Cannot be deleted.

  • Do not support a hierarchy of levels.

  • Are only visible to the owner of the resource.


Each resource is automatically assigned a system label containing the name of the resource server that registered it, as well as a system label allowing users to add the resource to a list of favorites.

For information on creating system labels, see "To Register an UMA Resource".

Favorite Labels

Each user can assign the built-in star label to a resource to mark it as a favorite.

For more information, see "To Mark a Resource as a Favorite".

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