AM 7.4.0

State Metadata node

Returns selected attributes from the shared node state as metadata.

This node sends a MetaDataCallback to retrieve shared state values, which it adds to the JSON response from the /authenticate endpoint. This example shows how a shared state attribute, mail, is returned:

"callbacks": [
      "type": "MetadataCallback",
      "output": [
          "name": "data",
          "value": {
            "mail": ""

Use this node to display custom information that includes user attributes without having to alter the existing flow.

For example, for OTP authentication with a choice of email or SMS, use this node to return the user’s email address or phone number. You can use the attributes with an OTP Collector Decision node, and optionally, a Scripted Decision node, to customize the data for display later.

An example of OTP authentication with a State Metadata node.


Product Compatible?

ForgeRock Identity Cloud

ForgeRock Access Management (self-managed)

ForgeRock Identity Platform (self-managed)


Single outcome path.

Evaluation continues after the callback.


Property Usage


Specify one or more shared state attribute names for return.

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