Use this guide to get a quick, hands-on look at Autonomous Identity. Download the image, install, and play around with the software.

ForgeRock® Autonomous Identity is an entitlements analytics system that lets you fully manage your company's access to your data.


This guide is for developers, technical consultants, and ForgeRock partners who are familiar with Autonomous Identity. The deployment example in this guide is for evaluation purposes only. For production deployments, see the Installation Guide.

Quick Start

Autonomous Identity Features

Learn about the Autonomous Identity features.

Architecture in Brief

Learn about the Autonomous Identity architecture.

How It Works

Learn how Autonomous Identity works with a simple example.

Deploy Autonomous Identity on CentOS

Deploy a lightweight version of Autonomous Identity on a CentOS 7 server.

Next Steps

Learn where to go from here.


Read some FAQs on Autonomous Identity.

For installation instructions, see the Installation Guide.

For a description of the Autonomous Identity UI console, see the Users Guide.

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