This guide is written for administrators who must manage and maintain Autonomous Identity.

ForgeRock® Autonomous Identity is an entitlements analytics system that lets you fully manage your company's access to your data.

Quick Start

Stopping and Starting

Learn how to stop and start Autonomous Identity.

Backup and Restore

Learn how to back up and restore the Apache Cassandra data.

Creating and Removing Users

Learn how to creating and remove users.

Customize Domain

Learn how to change the domain name and target environment.

Change Vault Passwords

Learn how to change the vault passwords.

Access Logs

Learn how to monitor Autonomous Identity using the logs.

Set Up Single Sign-On

Learn how to set up single sign-on using OpenID Connect.

Prepare Spark

Learn how to prepare Apache Spark.

Data Preparation

Learn how to prepare the data.

Run Analytics

Learn how to run the Analytics pipeline.

Appendix A: analytics_init_config.yml

Learn about the configuration file.

Appendix B: ui-config.json

Learn about the UI configuration file.

For installation instructions, see the Installation Guide.

For a description of the Autonomous Identity UI console, see the Users Guide.

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