Autonomous Identity 2022.11.2

Configuring Your Filters

The filters on the Applications pages let you focus your searches based on entitlement and user attributes. In most cases, the default filters should suffice for most environments. However, if you need to customize the filters, you can do so by accessing the configuration service API endpoint as show below.

The default filters for an entitlement are the following:

  • Risk Level

  • Criticality

The default filters for an user attributes are the following:

  • User Department Name

  • Line of Business Subgroup

  • City

  • Jobcode Name

  • User Employee Type

  • Chief Yes No

  • Manager Name

  • Line of Business

  • Cost Center

Configure the Filters:
  1. From the deployer node, SSH to the target node.

  2. Run the curl command to retrieve the current filters configuration.

    $ curl -i -k -u configadmin:<configadmin-password> --header "Content-Type: application/json" --request GET
      "entitlement": [
      "user": [
  3. Update the filters configuration. The syntax is as follows:

    $ curl -i -k -u configadmin:<configadmin-password> \
          --request PUT \
          --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
          --data '{<UPDATED_FILTERING_JSON_DATA>}' \

    For example, update the filters list with fewer attributes:

    $ curl -i -k -u configadmin:<configadmin-password> \
          --request PUT \
          --header "Content-Type: application/json"
          --data '{ "entitlement":["risk_level","criticality","owner"], \
            "user":["usr_department_name","line_of_business_subgroup","city","jobcode_name"]}' \
    configuration item updated
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