Autonomous Identity 2022.11.3

Set Attribute Mappings

After setting your data sources for your CSV files, you must map any attributes specific to each of your data files to the Autonomous Identity schema.

  1. On the Autonomous Identity UI, click the Administration icon > Data Sources.

  2. Click the specific data source file to map.

  3. Click Applications to set up its attribute mappings.

    1. Click Discover Schema to view the current attributes in the schema, and then click Save.

    2. Click Edit mapping to set up attribute mappings. On the Choose an attribute menu, select the corresponding attribute to map to the required attributes. Repeat for each attribute.

    3. Click Save.

  4. Click Assignments and repeat the previous steps.

  5. Click Entitlements and repeat the previous steps.

  6. Click Identities and repeat the previous steps.

  7. Repeat the procedures for each data source file that you want to map.

    Click an example
    set attribute mappings 2021.3.1
  1. Optional. Next, adjust the analytics thresholds. Refer to Set Analytic Thresholds.

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