Autonomous Identity 2022.11.3

What’s New in 2022.11.3

Autonomous Identity 2022.11.3 is a patch release containing a collection of bug and security fixes released as part of our commitment to our customers.

For general information on ForgeRock’s maintenance and patch releases, see Maintenance and Patch availability policy.

You can deploy Autonomous Identity 2022.11.3 as an initial deployment or upgrade it from an existing 2022.11.0, 2022.11.1, or 2022.11.2 deployment.

Improvements/Changes in Configuration

  • New property to use MongoDB with LDAP. Autonomous Identity has a new vars.yml property, mongo_ldap=false, which when set to true, lets Autonomous Identity authenticate with MongoDB, configured with LDAP.

  • New assignments endpoint. Autonomous Identity now provides an endpoint to support the extraction of assignments. Refer to Assignments.

Known issue

ForgeRock discovered a known issue in 2022.11.3: Refer to Known issues in 2022.11.3.

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