Autonomous Identity 2022.11.3

Set Entity Definitions

Before you run analytics, you can add new attributes to the schema using the Autonomous Identity UI. Only administrators have access to this functionality.

  1. Open a browser. If you set up your own url, use it for your login.

  2. Log in as an admin user, specific to your system. For example:

    test user:
    password: Welcome123
  3. Click the Administration icon, indicated by the sprocket. Then, click Entity Definitions.

  4. On the Entity Definitions page, click Applications to add any new attributes to the schema.

    1. Click the Add attribute button.

    2. In the Attribute Name field, enter the name of the new attribute. For example, app_owner_id.

    3. In the Display Name field, enter a human-readable name of the attribute.

    4. Select the attribute type. The options are: Text,Boolean,Integer,Float,Date, and Number.

    5. Click Searchable if you want the attribute to be indexed and available in your filters.

    6. Click Save.

    7. Click Save again to apply your attribute.

    8. If you need to edit the attribute, click the Edit icon. If you need to remove the attribute, click the Remove icon. Note that attributes marked as Required cannot be removed.

  5. Click Assignments, and repeat the previous steps.

  6. Click Entitlements, and repeat the previous steps.

  7. Click Identities, and repeat the previous steps.

    Click an example
    set entity definitions 2021.8.0
  1. Next, you must set the data sources. Refer to Set Data Sources.

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