DS release notes

Fixes in 6.0.x

This page lists the cumulative fixes in DS 6.0.x releases since 5.5.0:

DS 6.0.0

  • OPENDJ-4983: IllegalStateException in change number indexer

  • OPENDJ-4943: NullPointerException in BackupManager.java when backup --hash is used offline

  • OPENDJ-4845: Crypto manager uses TLSv1, fails if admin connector ssl-protocol is TLSv1.2

  • OPENDJ-4823: Adding a third replica breaks key ordering of the changelogDb

  • OPENDJ-4729: WorkerThread is blocked in BlockingBackpressureOperator after disconnection

  • OPENDJ-4725: Cannot reset change-log change number

  • OPENDJ-4598: Replication Server cursoring through obsolete replica ID’s causing high CPU spin

  • OPENDJ-4587: Replication: Medium consistency point frozen when a DS+RS is unconfigured or a DS+RS is stopped

  • OPENDJ-4559: All worker threads blocked on ReentrantReadWriteLock in GroupManager

  • OPENDJ-4557: isMemberOf search result excludes entries' operational attributes

  • OPENDJ-4555: Server not responding

  • OPENDJ-4533: NullPointerException in TTL reaper

  • OPENDJ-4497: ttl-enabling an index requires a restart

  • OPENDJ-4485: MODRDN with a blank newrdn: value is not rejected.

  • OPENDJ-4464: Collective attributes do not consider if an attribute is single or multi-valued.

  • OPENDJ-4296: Rebuilding index on two backends at the same time causes NPE

  • OPENDJ-4210: Cannot import/export LDIF in offline mode after configuring Password Synchronization Plugin

  • OPENDJ-4125: Extremely poor performance under connect/disconnect load and eventual port exhaustion

  • OPENDJ-3896: Change number indexer exits due to uncaught IllegalStateException

  • OPENDJ-3878: Example plugin POM has wrong parent and is missing repositories

  • OPENDJ-3504: LDAP bytesRead/Written and SNMP counters (dsApplIfInBytes and dsApplIfOutBytes) are not incremented

  • OPENDJ-3437: Cannot delete access log publisher when it is disabled

  • OPENDJ-1881: OPENDJ JMX monitoring report statistics as type String instead of Number

  • OPENDJ-1158: rebuild-index leaves backend offline if a backup is running

  • OPENDJ-934: Changes to RS window-size property require a server restart

  • OPENDJ-431: Server-side sort control only works on result sets of less than 100000 entries

DS 5.5.0

  • OPENDJ-4341: setup with production mode with java 9

  • OPENDJ-4316: HTTP Connector leaks Session objects

  • OPENDJ-4275: Changelog searches cursor through inappropriate replica DBs

  • OPENDJ-4234: Poor changelog search performance using changenumber ranges

  • OPENDJ-4228: status command with keystore options throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

  • OPENDJ-4178: Performance drop with complex subtree searches between 2.x and 3.5.1/4.0.0

  • OPENDJ-4125: Extremely poor performance under connect/disconnect load and eventual port exhaustion

  • OPENDJ-4115: build and publish missing changes gets confused with non-local changes

  • OPENDJ-4011: Setup requires TLS to be enabled when using --productionMode

  • OPENDJ-4007: Referential Integrity plugin checks all modifications when run as preModifyOperation

  • OPENDJ-4006: forgerock-je included in releases does not work with Azul Zulu

  • OPENDJ-3966: The Bcrypt storage scheme displays the wrong syntax Range and default for the bcrypt-cost

  • OPENDJ-3963: JMXClientConnections are leaked

  • OPENDJ-3931: Replication fails to propagate all changes added after a backup/restore to a newly created instance

  • OPENDJ-3904: Delivery includes QuickSetup.app and Uninstall.app files for commands that were removed

  • OPENDJ-3886: Modifying Json File-Based Access Logger configuration can cause a corrupt log record

  • OPENDJ-3868: Proxied persistent searches are not cancelled/abandoned when the client abandons them or disconnects

  • OPENDJ-3825: Spring daylight savings change can break recurring tasks

  • OPENDJ-3645: SASL DIGEST-MD5: "digest-uri" parameter is not taken into account

  • OPENDJ-3643: On Windows "java.properties" does not support values containing "=" character

  • OPENDJ-3507: After upgrading a 2.6.2 server to 3.5.1 server is spinning at 93% CPU

  • OPENDJ-3471: ldifsearch command fails to consume @objectclass notation in attribute list

  • OPENDJ-3380: Creating a backend with null base DN can render the instance unusable

  • OPENDJ-2850: SDK SASL integrity/confidentiality violates protocol

  • OPENDJ-2842: Load balancing algorithms are not optimum after failure of a connection factory

  • OPENDJ-2190: Replicas cannot always keep up with sustained high write throughput

  • OPENDJ-1135: DS sometimes fails to connect to RS after server restart

  • OPENDJ-609: Replicas out of sync after add/delete operations in sustained stress testing

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