About CDM monitoring

Prometheus, Alertmanager, and Grafana, used for monitoring the CDM, are deployed if you run the script after deploying the CDM. This script installs Helm charts from the prometheus-operator project into the monitoring namespace of a CDM cluster. The Prometheus operator project provides monitoring definitions for Kubernetes services and deployment, and management of Prometheus instances.

The Helm charts deploy Kubernetes pods that run the Prometheus and Grafana services. The Prometheus operator then watches for service monitor CRDs—Kubernetes custom resource definitions. CRDs are Kubernetes class types that you manage with the kubectl command. The service monitor CRDs define targets to be scraped.

In the CDM, the Prometheus operator configuration is defined in the prometheus-operator.yaml file in the forgeops repository. For information about how to customize Prometheus, Alertmanager, and Grafana, refer to the Prometheus README file in the forgeops repository.

After CDM deployment, you can access the monitoring dashboards. For details, refer to CDM Monitoring in the CDM Cookbook.

The CDM uses Prometheus and Grafana for monitoring, reporting, and sending alerts. If you prefer to use different tools, deploy infrastructure in Kubernetes to support those tools.

Prometheus and Grafana are evolving technologies. Descriptions of these technologies were accurate at the time of this writing, but might differ when you deploy them.

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