ForgeOps deployment

After you set up your deployment environment and your Kubernetes cluster, you’re ready to perform a ForgeOps deployment.

First, you’ll need to choose a deployment technology.

Deployment technologies

You can perform ForgeOps deployments using either Kustomize or Helm.

The preferred deployment technology for ForgeOps deployments is Helm. If you are not familiar with either of these two technologies, choose Helm.

Choose Kustomize as your deployment technology when:

  • You performed ForgeOps deployments before Helm charts were available in the forgeops repository, and you want to continue to use Kustomize-based deployments. ForgeRock does not provide tools to help you convert existing deployment configurations from Kustomize to Helm.

  • You want to generate Kustomize manifests for the platform, including custom manifests, using the forgeops generate command.

  • Kustomize is your organization’s preferred deployment technology for Kubernetes.

  • Kustomize offers needed features that are not available in Helm.

Deployment scenarios

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