ForgeOps 7.5 release notes

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Important information for this ForgeOps release:

Validated Kubernetes, NGINX Ingress Controller, HAProxy Ingress, cert-manager, and ForgeRock operator versions for deploying ForgeRock Identity Platform 7.5


Limitations when deploying ForgeRock Identity Platform 7.5 on Kubernetes


More information about the rapidly evolving nature of the forgeops repository, including technology previews, legacy features, and feature deprecation and removal


Legal notices


Archive of release notes prior to October 13, 2023



May 13, 2024


Updated ds-operator to version 0.3.0

The DS Operator is updated to version v0.3.0 with security updates. Refer to the DS operator release notes for full details.

May 09, 2024

Documentation updates

Backup and restore steps in Helm-based deployments

Added steps to set up and customize backup using volume snapshot backup in Helm-based deployments. Also added steps to restore from backup taken with dsbackup utility in Helm-based deployments.

References to articles on logging

Added links to AM and IDM logging articles in the Troubleshooting page.

April 17, 2024

Documentation updates

Link to DS scripts

April 3, 2024


Updates to the forgeops repository

Updates for ForgeRock Identity Platform version 7.5 are available in the release/7.5-20240402 branch of the forgeops repository.

Terminology change: removal of the terms CDK and CDM

The ForgeOps documentation has been revised to no longer use the terms CDK and CDM. Deployments based on forgeops repository artifacts are now referred to simply as ForgeOps deployments.

When they were initially developed, there were significant difference between the CDK and CDM deployments. This is no longer the case. Because of this, the documentation now uses a single name for all deployments.

Developers who configure AM and IDM are still required to use ForgeOps deployments that have single instances of AM and IDM. This type of ForgeOps deployment is now referred to in documentation as a single-instance ForgeOps deployment. For more information, refer to Cluster and deployment sizes on the ForgeOps architecture page.

Perform ForgeOps deployments using Helm

In version 7.5, you can perform ForgeOps deployments using Helm.

Helm deployments are available as an alternative to using the forgeops install command, which uses Kustomize bases and overlays. Performing ForgeOps deployments with the forgeops install command continues to be supported.

For more information and example commands, refer to the following pages:

If you perform ForgeOps deployments with Helm, you’ll still need to use the forgeops command for several use cases:

  • forgeops build to build custom Docker images

  • forgeops info to write administrative passwords and URLs for accessing ForgeRock Identity Platform admin UIs to standard output

Helm deployment does not support Kustomize manifest generation using the forgeops generate command. Continue deploying the platform with the forgeops command if you use Kustomize manifest generation.

Existing Kustomize-based deployments can’t be changed to be Helm-based. If you want to use Helm, create a new deployment separate from any existing Kustomize-based deployments.

forgeops-minikube command replaces cdk-minikube

The forgeops-minikube command is used for setting up a Minikube cluster locally instead of cdk-minikube. The forgeops-minikube command requires the PyYaml Python 3 package.


Updated ds-operator to version 0.2.9

The DS Operator is updated to version v0.2.9 with security updates and patches, and to fix a bug that prevented kubectl rollout restart from working properly. Refer to the DS operator release notes for full details.

This is the new minimum ds-operator version supported by the forgeops command.

Support for annotations and labels in the directoryservice custom resource

The directoryservice custom resource now supports annotations and labels.

Documentation updates

New layout of documentation

The layout of the ForgeOps documentation has been revised to make it easier to navigate through the documentation and search for topics of interest.

Updated the steps to build custom IDM base image

The procedure to build custom IDM base image has been revised. Refer to the steps to build IDM base image for more information.

New backup and restore procedures using volume snapshots

A new Backup and restore using volume snapshots section has been added which describes how to use Kubernetes volume snapshots to back up and restore DS data.

Docker images for Helm installs

Instructions about how to specify Docker images for Helm installs have been added.

New task to initialize deployment environments

A new task to initialize deployment environments has been added to the instructions for developing custom Docker images.

Before you can use a new deployment environment, you must initialize a directory that supports the environment.

Clarification about support for environments that deviate from the published ForgeOps architecture

The Support from ForgeRock page has been updated to state that environments that deviate from the published ForgeOps architecture are not supported. For details, refer to Support limitations.

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