The no-upgrade option of config export

When you export AM configuration using the config export am command, the config export command exports the configuration from the AM pod and runs the configuration rules twice:

  • First, run rules to reapply any placeholders.

  • Next, to run rules to upgrade to the current version of AM.

If you need to troubleshoot issues with the config export am command, then you can separate the steps for applying placeholder rules from the steps for applying upgrade rules.

An example, with no-upgrade option:

$ config export am my-profile --no-upgrade
[INFO] Running export for am in am-54c87b86cb-rr8mm
[INFO] Updating existing profile: /path/to/forgeops/docker/am/config-profiles/my-profile
[INFO] Clean profile: /path/to/forgeops/docker/am/config-profiles/my-profile
[INFO] Exported AM config
[INFO] Completed export
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