Release notes for the connectors that are supported with ForgeRock® Identity Management software. These release notes cover changes to each supported connector that has been released since IDM 6.5.0.


The ForgeRock Common REST API works across the platform to provide common ways to access web resources and collections of resources.

1. About These Release Notes

These release notes cover the ICF connector releases that are supported in a deployment of ForgeRock Identity Management. The releases listed in this document cover the connectors that have had a release since IDM 6.5. In most cases, these releases are backwards compatible with previous versions of IDM. Check the "IDM / ICF Compatibility Matrix" in the Release Notes for your version of IDM for compatibility before installing a new version of a connector.

This document does not describe all ICF connectors. Additional connectors are available from the ForgeRock BackStage download site. If a connector release is listed here but is not yet on the site, contact ForgeRock Support for access.

Chapter 1. Connector Release Notes Overview

Recently Updated Connectors
SCIM Connector1.5.2.02020/03/12
LDAP Connector1.5.1.02020/02/18
ServiceNow Connector1.5.1.02020/02/12
Salesforce Connector1.5.3.02020/02/12
Salesforce Connector1.5.2.02019/12/11
Database Table Connector1.4.4.02019/11/07
MongoDB Connector1.5.2.02019/10/21
Workday Connector1.5.1.02019/10/18
Generic LDAP Connector1.5.0.02019/10/04
Google Apps Connector1.4.7.02019/09/27
Workday Connector1.4.1.02019/09/27
Database Table Connector1.4.3.02019/09/25
Connector Framework1.5.9.02019/08/28
Database Table Connector1.4.2.02019/08/22
Scripted REST Connector1.5.2.02019/07/01
Scripted CREST Connector1.5.2.02019/06/28
Connector Framework1.5.8.02019/06/27
Connector Framework1.5.7.02019/06/26
Groovy Connector Toolkit1.5.2.02019/06/28
Marketo Connector1.5.2.02019/06/28
Salesforce Connector1.5.1.02019/06/26
Generic LDAP Connector1.4.11.02019/06/18
SCIM Connector1.5.1.02019/05/15
Workday Connector1.5.0.02019/05/15
Google Apps Connector1.4.6.02019/05/10
Google Apps Connector1.4.5.02019/04/30
SCIM Connector1.5.0.02019/04/30
Generic LDAP Connector1.4.10.02019/03/21
Generic LDAP Connector1.4.9.02019/02/26
Connector Framework1.5.6.02018/12/03
Adobe Campaign Manager Connector1.5.2.02018/12/03
CSV File Connector1.5.4.02018/12/03
Database Table Connector1.4.1.02018/12/03
Google Apps Connector1.4.4.02018/12/03
Groovy Connector Toolkit1.5.1.02018/12/03
Kerberos Connector1.5.1.02018/12/03
Generic LDAP Connector1.4.8.02018/12/03
Marketo Connector1.5.1.02018/12/03
MongoDB Connector1.5.1.02018/12/03
Powershell Connector1.4.6.02018/12/03
Salesforce Connector1.5.0.02018/12/03
SCIM Connector1.4.3.02018/12/03
Scripted CREST Connector1.5.1.02018/12/03
Scripted REST Connector1.5.1.02018/12/03
Scripted SQL Connector1.5.1.02018/12/03
SSH Connector1.5.1.02018/12/03
HubSpot Connector1.5.1.02018/11/29
HubSpot Connector1.5.0.02018/11/27
SAP Connector1.5.0.02018/09/05
ServiceNow Connector1.5.0.02018/09/05
Workday Connector1.4.0.02018/09/05

Chapter 2. Connector Framework
  • OPENICF-1157: Framework: ICF servlet should verify valid RCS names is not null or empty

  • OPENICF-1151: Framework: Refactor LoadBalancingConnectorInfoManager

  • OPENICF-1142: JCS Client mode: Valid Connector Server name should be enforced in the ICF servlet

  • OPENICF-1141: JCS Client mode: Handshake negotiation pause is never used
  • OPENICF-1110: Framework: upgrade to latest forgerock-parent 3.2.1

  • OPENICF-1061: JCS Client mode: Make the application level heartbeat configurable

  • OPENICF-1059: JCS Client mode: Implement SSL for the client mode

  • OPENICF-1058: JCS Client mode: verify all the close() routines

  • OPENICF-1044: JCS is missing dependencies for groovy

  • OPENICF-1020: Remove dependency upon forgerock-guava from java-framework

  • OPENICF-885: Framework: investigate why connector-server-grizzly:LoadBalancingConnectorInfoManagerTest breaks the Jenkins build

  • OPENICF-577: Java Remote Connector Server should be able to initiate connection to IDM

Version is bundled with IDM version 6.5.0 by default.

  • OPENICF-993: DotNetConnectorServer - _pagedResultsCookie throws 500 on last page

  • OPENICF-992: .Net Connector server: WCF should be the default web socket library

  • OPENICF-986: .NET Connector Server - Failed to Accept WebSocket

  • OPENICF-984: .Net Connector server: Upgrade to

  • OPENICF-971: Disable Javascript engine in ICF

  • OPENICF-962: Java Framework: update to FR guava 26 has side effects on connector server unit tests

  • OPENICF-961: Java Framework: Add unit test for Javascript executor factory

  • OPENICF-942: Framework: some modules have jdk 1.6 compile flag - should be removed

  • OPENICF-872: OpenICF java-framework does not build with unit tests enabled since making the results handlers the responsibility of the connector implementation

  • OPENICF-867: Framework: __NAME__ should not be set to 'required' by default

  • OPENICF-785: .NET connector server - ConnectorServerService.exe doesn't use value from /serviceName

  • OPENICF-734: Upgrade Java connector server dependencies

  • OPENICF-732: Upgrade .Net connector server dependencies

  • OPENICF-676: .Net Connector Server should include the PowerShell sample templates

Chapter 3. Adobe Marketing Cloud Connector

Version is bundled with the IDM 6.5.0 release.

Chapter 4. CSV File Connector

Version is bundled with IDM version 6.5.0 by default.

  • OPENICF-810: Wrong or uncomplete error reported when creating a CSV connector

  • OPENICF-799: CSV livesync keeps token files

  • OPENICF-791: Error/Warning isn't displayed when "Uid" missing at record

  • OPENICF-789: Missing check for headerUid if it exists in csv file data

  • OPENICF-784: CSV Connector should skip byte order marks

  • OPENICF-781: Increasing column number within CSV files causes SuperCSV exception

  • OPENICF-773: CSV: Schema call result should not include __UID__

  • OPENICF-711: Fix error reporting when using blank column names

Chapter 5. Database Table Connector
  • OPENICF-1183: Database Table Connector: sql syntax incorrect for ms sql 2012 query using pageSize
  • OPENICF-1167: Database Table Connector: ICF special attributes should never be used as sort keys

  • OPENICF-1164: Database Table Connector: Change the connector license to CDDL

  • OPENICF-1154: DataBase Table Connector: rest query on remote endpoint with id as a string returns HTTP 400
  • OPENICF-903: Database Table Connector incorrectly requires __NAME__ attribute within CREATE request

Version is bundled with IDM version 6.5.0 by default.

Chapter 6. Google Apps Connector
  • OPENICF-1180: Google Apps Connector: Bad dependencies version

  • OPENICF-1153: Google Apps Connector: suspended query

  • OPENICF-1152: Google Apps connector: Add the ability to Sync custom attributes

  • OPENICF-1118: Google Apps Connector: Update googleapps deps

  • OPENICF-1101: GoogleApps Connector: Google member recon failing
  • OPENICF-1093: Google Apps Connector: Only EqualsFilter('groupKey') is supported - error
  • OPENICF-1090: Google Apps Connector: Change the connector license to CDDL

  • OPENICF-1087: GoogleApps Connector: DELETE on self should return 400 Bad Request

  • OPENICF-1085: GoogleApps Connector: configuration properties should throw warning with invalid values

  • OPENICF-1079: Google Apps Connector: Google's APIs require a "familyName" at create time for accounts and generic purpose accounts don’t have family names

  • OPENICF-1078: GoogleApps Connector: Several attributes with eq filters are returning 500 Errors

  • OPENICF-1077: GoogleApps Connector: Incorrect error on GET __GROUP__ with queryFilter

  • OPENICF-1069: Google Apps Connector: Ability to query by orgUnitPaths

  • OPENICF-1065: Google Apps Connector: Unsupported OR queries return inappropriate messages

  • OPENICF-1064: Google Apps Connector: /suspended eq true query doesn't work

  • OPENICF-1063: Google Apps connector: Query is broken due to the use of WHITESPACE vs whitespace()

  • OPENICF-1062: Google Apps Connector: Equals Filter

  • OPENICF-998: Google Apps: Incorrect and missing Member attributes returned for Read or Query on Member object(s)

  • OPENICF-441: Google Apps: Incomplete support for adding/removing User Aliases within the GoogleApps connector

  • OPENICF-431: Google Apps: Expose the default maxResults parameter of the Users.list API as configurable option

Version is bundled with IDM version 6.5.0 by default.

Chapter 7. Groovy Connector Toolkit

No issues were addressed in this release.

Version is bundled with IDM version 6.5.0 by default.

  • OPENICF-955: Groovy connector: Remove Azure AD test sample

Chapter 8. HubSpot Connector

No issues were addressed in this release.
  • OPENICF-975: Revert to older version of apache geronimo in Hubspot connector

  • OPENICF-925: Hubspot Connector: Create/Update fails

  • OPENICF-923: Hubspot Connector - last page contain pagedResultsCookie if resultCount is same as pageSize

  • OPENICF-916: Hubspot Connector - update on company throw error 500

  • OPENICF-915: Hubspot Connector - Add NotCreatable, NotUpdatable flags to read-only objectClass Owner

  • OPENICF-914: Hubspot Connector - create on contactProperties throw error 500

  • OPENICF-913: Hubspot Connector - create on company throw error 500

  • OPENICF-912: Hubspot Connector - pagedResultsCookie is always null when using paging

Chapter 9. Kerberos Connector

Version is bundled with IDM version 6.5.0 by default.

No issues were addressed in this release.

Chapter 10. Generic LDAP Connector
  • OPENICF-1413: Use framework version for ldap-connector to support Java8-compatible release
  • OPENICF-1053: LDAP Connector: _action=test on wrong certificate pattern should return error

  • OPENICF-1162: LDAP Connector: empty array becomes absent if useTimestampsForSync is used

  • OPENICF-1320: LDAP Connector: Description is not available for some properties

  • OPENICF-1353: LDAP Connector: NPE if provisioner has attribute-mapping for objectGUID but system account does not have objectGUID

  • OPENICF-1347: Expose lastChangeNumber info through SERVER_INFO object of LDAP connector
  • OPENICF-1343: LDAP Connector: Unable to use VLV Index Search Strategy

  • OPENICF-1312: LDAP Connector expects the range returned from AD to be 0-1499 for the member attribute
  • OPENICF-1257: LDAP Connector: startTLS throws InvalidCredentialException with IDM on JDK11
  • OPENICF-1247: LDAP Connector: Do not overwrite AD userAccountControl when it has not changed from previous value

  • OPENICF-1223: LDAP: AD/AD LDS query id with sortKeys called after query id with invalid cookie returns code 500
  • OPENICF-1188: LDAP Connector: modifiersNamesToFilterOut does not check the creatorsName for an 'add'

  • OPENICF-1175: LDAP Connector: sortKeys = _id is ignored

  • OPENICF-1174: LDAP Connector: query-all-ids causes NPE

  • OPENICF-1161: LDAP connector: inconsistency in escaping special chars when comparing new DN with existing entry DN (when updating entry), results in MODIFYDN

  • OPENICF-1159: LDAP Connector: Upgrade to ICF 1.5

  • OPENICF-1147: LDAP Connector: Query with _pagedResultsOffset higher than number of records in ldap is returning incorrect results

  • OPENICF-1004: LDAP Connector: QueryFilter presence modifier against System LDAP endpoint is not applied within ldapSearch
  • OPENICF-1117: AD UserAccountControl attributes not sync'd when using ALL ObjectClass

  • OPENICF-1108: LDAP Connector: Change the connector license to CDDL

  • OPENICF-1100: Bad grammar in error message on initial connection

  • OPENICF-1055: LDAP Connector: In's getLdapGroups and getLdapGroupMemberships, explicitly ask for dn

  • OPENICF-963: RFE: LDAP connector - enhance health check mechanism
  • OPENICF-1067: LDAP Connector: Enhance connection exception messages

  • OPENICF-1057: LDAP connector: error code 20 should be caught on update
  • OPENICF-1035: LDAP Connector - DJ - ldapGroups are not returned if empty

Version is bundled with IDM version 6.5.0 by default.

  • OPENICF-958: LDAP - sortKeys by _id does not work with dj 6.5.0

  • OPENICF-949: LDAP connector - AD with SSL _action=authenticate returns 500 Internal server error

  • OPENICF-941: RFE for additional logging in LDAP connector getSearchStrategy()

  • OPENICF-918: support for multiple Kerberos credentials for different LDAP connector instances

  • OPENICF-883: LDAP connector: update should log attributes to modify

  • OPENICF-878: LDAP SSL does not work any more

  • OPENICF-868: Extend detection of CA LDAP server type

  • OPENICF-866: Implement a connectionTimeout configuration for LDAP Connector

  • OPENICF-688: AD LDS InvalidAttributeValueException is not getting reported

  • OPENICF-666: LDAP Connector: Authenticate - ability to make distinction between invalid cred and expired password

  • OPENICF-665: Check LDAP Server DNS Name against the SSL Certificate's subject/alternative name

  • OPENICF-561: LDAP connector: get rid of legacy config parameters

Chapter 11. Marketo Connector

No issues were addressed in this release.

Version is bundled with IDM version 6.5.0 by default.

No issues were addressed in this release.

Chapter 12. MongoDB Connector
  • OPENICF-1199: MongoDB Connector: Change the connector license to CDDL

  • OPENICF-1198: MongoDB Connector: update to latest mongo driver and embed deps

  • OPENICF-1098: MongoDB Connector: Doesn't work with MongoDB 4.0 and above

Version is bundled with IDM version 6.5.0 by default.

  • OPENICF-924: Update on __ACCOUNT__ on mongodb usersRoles throws 500 Internal Server Error

  • OPENICF-908: MongoDB: On Update op, do not insert the Uid in the default document

  • OPENICF-870: Remove the 'database' name from the userName from the user

  • OPENICF-865: MongoDB: usersRoles account pwd should be set as required

  • OPENICF-863: MongoDB: usersRoles if role exist should throw AlreadyExistsException instead of Internal Server Error

Chapter 13. PowerShell Connector Toolkit

The PowerShell Connector Toolkit is available from the ForgeRock BackStage download site.

  • OPENICF-902: Powershell AD sample using paging always return pagedResultsCookie null

  • OPENICF-890: AD Powershell: use the 'Host' config property with ADSI

  • OPENICF-884: AD Powershell: implement paged searches

Chapter 14. Salesforce Connector
  • OPENICF-1224: Salesforce connector does not support sync operation

  • OPENICF-1217: SalesForce Connector: double / appears in queries

  • OPENICF-1194: Typos in the Basic Configuration Properties of Salesforce Connector in Connector Reference
  • OPENICF-1120: Update the Salesforce Connect to use the latest ICF Release

  • OPENICF-1116: Add the ability to support proxy uri and proxy username and password

  • OPENICF-1106: JSON Error responses from Salesforce REST API are not properly handled by the Salesforce Connector

  • OPENICF-1056: Query filters that match against boolean values do not work

  • OPENICF-1037: SF - Connector: NPE appears when incorrect _pagedResultsCookie is used.

  • OPENICF-1028: SF Connector: NPE when performing a PUT with null valued attribute

  • OPENICF-1024: SF Connector: Unable to query via QueryFilter whose attribute value contains a single quote

  • OPENICF-1023: SF Connector: Paged query fails when _pagedResultsCookie > 2000

  • OPENICF-1022: SF Connector: Non-paged query can not return >2k results from Salesforce

Version is bundled with IDM version 6.5.0 by default.

  • OPENICF-989: Salesforce - patch REMOVE throws 500 Error - NullPointerException

  • OPENICF-985: Salesforce Connector - invalid result for getNewAccessToken throws JSONException

  • OPENICF-983: Update to remove manual default property values

  • OPENICF-911: Port over existing openidm-salesforce module as an ICF connector

  • OPENICF-859: Rewrite the current Salesforce connector as ICF connector

Chapter 15. SAP Connector

The SAP Connector is available from the ForgeRock BackStage download site.

No issues were addressed in this release.

Chapter 16. SCIM Connector
  • OPENICF-1249: SCIM connector: PATCH operation mishandles enterprise extension urn

  • OPENICF-1149: SCIM connector: ObjectClass.ACCOUNT is hardcoded in the search

  • OPENICF-1144: SCIM connector: Implement SyncOp interface
  • OPENICF-1084: SCIM Connector: Change the connector license to CDDL

  • OPENICF-1071: SCIM connector: ability to configurate http proxy user and password

Version is bundled with IDM version 6.5.0 by default.

No issues were addressed in this release.

Chapter 17. Scripted CREST Connector

No issues were addressed in this release.

Version is bundled with IDM version 6.5.0 by default.

No issues were addressed in this release.

Chapter 18. Scripted REST Connector
  • OPENICF-1114: ScriptedREST Connector: Change the connector license to CDDL

  • OPENICF-754: Scripted REST: Implement Oauth2 authentication

Version is bundled with IDM version 6.5.0 by default.

No issues were addressed in this release.

Chapter 19. Scripted SQL Connector

Version is bundled with IDM version 6.5.0 by default.

No issues were addressed in this release.

Chapter 20. ServiceNow Connector
  • OPENICF-967: ServiceNow: 'pagedResultsCookie' doesn't change when 'pagedResultsOffset' used in paging query request

  • OPENICF-966: ServiceNow: Sorting doesn't work at queries request

  • OPENICF-960: Service Now: Add query accept before the connectorObjects are handled

  • OPENICF-957: ServiceNow: greater or equal operator 'ge' in queryFilter doesn't work correctly

  • OPENICF-956: ServiceNow: greater operator 'gt' in queryFilter doesn't work correctly

  • OPENICF-953: ServiceNow: negation operator '!' in queryFilter doesn't work

Version is bundled with IDM versions 6.0 and 6.5.0 by default.

  • OPENICF-848: ServiceNow: user_password is not encrypted and it's shown in plaintext

  • OPENICF-847: ServiceNow: Getting a non existing user return code 500

  • OPENICF-843: ServiceNow: We are able to create role without 'name'

  • OPENICF-842: ServiceNow: Generated schema has two editable properties are mapped to one attribute

  • OPENICF-832: ServiceNow: Deleting a non existing user return code 500

Chapter 21. SSH Connector

Version is bundled with IDM version 6.5.0 by default.

No issues were addressed in this release.

Chapter 22. Workday Connector
  • OPENICF-1193: Workday Connector: call to Sync() throws NPE when there are no changes detected

  • OPENICF-1107: Workday Connector: Several problems with sync()

  • OPENICF-1103: Workday Connector: Get Worker does a wrong query on update operation

  • OPENICF-1102: Workday Connector: Include Related Persons information
  • OPENICF-1096: Workday Connector: Update to ICF 1.5

  • OPENICF-1095: Workday Connector: Change the connector license to CDDL

  • OPENICF-858: Workday: ability to update any reference ID using Integrations web services

  • OPENICF-857: Workday: fetch all the available employee information

  • OPENICF-756: Workday: ability to read/query the Organizations
  • OPENICF-1166: Workday Connector: Absence of Telephone data causes NPE

  • OPENICF-1104: Workday Connector: handle worker picture data

Version is bundled with IDM versions 6.0 and 6.5.0 by default.

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