Disabling Automatic Configuration Updates

By default, IDM polls the JSON files in the conf directory periodically for any changes to the configuration. In a production system, it is recommended that you disable automatic polling for updates to prevent untested configuration changes from disrupting your identity service.

To disable automatic polling for configuration changes, edit the conf/system.properties file for your project, and uncomment the following line:

# openidm.fileinstall.enabled=false

This setting also disables the file-based configuration view, which means that IDM reads its configuration only from the repository.


Before you disable automatic polling, you must have started the server at least once to ensure that the configuration has been loaded into the repository. Be aware, if automatic polling is enabled, IDM immediately uses changes to scripts called from a JSON configuration file.

When your configuration is complete, you can disable writes to configuration files. To do so, add the following line to the conf/config.properties file for your project:

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