Modifying the password Property

To use a property other than the default password property to store passwords, you must change the following files:


If you want to enforce password validation rules on a different property, change the password property in this file.


Modify the password object in this file, which also includes password complexity policies.


If you change the password property, make sure that you limit the change to the appropriate system, designated as source or target.


If you are setting up self-service password reset, as described in Password Reset, change the value of identityPasswordField from password to the desired new property.

Every UI file that includes password as a property name

Whenever there's a way for a user to enter a password, the associated HTML page will include a password entry. For example, the LoginTemplate.html file includes the password property. A full list of default files with the password property include:

  • _passwordFields.html

  • _resetPassword.html

  • ConfirmPasswordDialogTemplate.html

  • EditPasswordPageView.html

  • LoginTemplate.html

  • MandatoryPasswordChangeDialogTemplate.html

  • resetStage-initial.html

  • UserPasswordTab.html

This list does not include any custom UI files that you might have created.

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