Connecting to Remote Data Stores

IDM can connect to a substantial variety of user and device data stores, on premise and in the cloud. A number of specific connectors are provided, allowing you to connect to those dedicated data stores. In addition, you can connect to many more data stores using a scripted connector framework.

Connectors are provided for a number of external resources, including:

For a full list, see Supported Connectors.

If the resource that you need is not on the list, you should be able to use one of the scripted connector frameworks to connect to that resource:

  • For connectors associated with Microsoft Windows, IDM includes a PowerShell Connector Toolkit that you can use to provision a variety of Microsoft services, including but not limited to Active Directory, SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Azure Active Directory, and Office 365. For more information, see "PowerShell Connector Toolkit". IDM includes a sample PowerShell Connector configuration, described in Connect to Active Directory With the PowerShell Connector.

  • For other external resources, IDM includes a Groovy Connector Toolkit that allows you to run Groovy scripts to interact with any external resource. For more information, see "Groovy Connector Toolkit".

    For sample implementations of the scripted Groovy connector, see Connect to DS With ScriptedREST.

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