Managing Passwords

Administrative users can manage user passwords from the Admin UI and users can reset their own passwords in the End User UI. To access the End User UI as an administrative user, log in to the Admin UI, then select Self-Service from the drop-down menu on the top right corner:

Access the Self-Service User Interface
Access the Self-Service User Interface

In the End User UI, click Edit Your Profile, then click Reset next to the Password field. You can change your password, subject to the following minimum number of characters:

  • Length ≥ 8

  • Capital letters ≥ 1

  • Numbers ≥ 1

IDM supports robust password policies. You can modify policies such as the following:

  • Elements that should not be a part of a password, such as a family name

  • Password expiration dates

  • Password histories, to prevent password reuse

For more information, including details on how you can configure these policies, see Secure Passwords.

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