What Can You Do With IDM?

This software allows you to simplify the management of identity, as it can help you synchronize data across multiple resources. Each organization can maintain control of accounts within their respective domains.

IDM works equally well with user, group, and device identities.

You can also configure workflows to help users manage how they sign up for accounts, as part of how IDM manages the life cycle of users and their accounts.

You can manage employee identities as they move from job to job. You will make their lives easier as their user accounts can be registered on different systems automatically. Later, IDM can increase productivity when it reconciles information from different accounts, saving users the hassle of entering the same information on different systems.

In this guide, you will see how IDM reconciles user data between two data stores. We will look at a department that is adding a third engineer, Jane Sanchez.

Your Human Resources department has updated their data store with Jane Sanchez's information. You want to use IDM to update the internal Engineering data store. But first, you have to start IDM.

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