Property Files

This section lists the *.properties files used to configure IDM. Apart from the file, these files are located in your project's conf/ directory. This section does not include the *.properties files associated with ICF connectors.


After making changes to any *.properties file, you must restart IDM for the changes to take effect.

The file is the property resolver file, used for property substitution, and is located in the /path/to/openidm/resolver directory. Generally, this file lets you set variables that are used in other configuration files, including and

The file is used for two purposes:

  • To set OSGi bundle properties.

  • To set Apache Felix properties, and plugin bundles related to the Felix web console.

For more information about each item in, see the following documentation: Apache Felix Framework Configuration Properties.

The file configures JDK logging for IDM.

The file is used to bootstrap java system properties such as:

Read a different version of :