Configure the Audit Service

You access the audit logging configuration over REST at the openidm/config/audit context path and in the conf/audit.json file. To configure the audit service, edit the audit.json file or use the Admin UI. Select Configure > System Preferences and click on the Audit tab. The fields on that form correspond to the configuration parameters described in this section.

You can configure the following major options for the audit service:

Which audit handlers are used

Audit event handlers are responsible for handling audit events. They are listed in the availableAuditEventHandlers property in your conf/audit.json file.

Which handler is used for queries

You must configure one audit event handler to manage queries on the audit logs.

What events are logged

The events that are logged are configured in the events list for each audit event handler.

Track transactions across products

If you use more than one ForgeRock product, you can specify that a common transactionId be used to track audit data across products. Edit your conf/ file and set:

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