Change Audit Write Behavior

You can buffer audit logging to minimize the writes on your systems. Configure buffering either in conf/audit.json, or using the Admin UI.

To configure buffering for specific event handler in the Admin UI, click Configure > System Preferences and click on the Audit Tab. When you customize or create an event handler, you can configure the following settings:

Audit Buffering Options
PropertyUI TextDescription
enabledTrue or falseEnables / disables buffering
autoFlushTrue or false; whether the Audit Service automatically flushes events after writing them to disk 

The following sample code illustrates where you would configure these properties in the audit.json file.

    "eventHandlers" : [
        "config" : {
          "buffering" : {
            "autoFlush" : false,
            "enabled" : false

You can set up autoFlush when buffering is enabled. IDM then writes data to audit logs asynchronously, while autoFlush functionality ensures that the audit service writes data to logs on a regular basis.

If audit data is important, do activate autoFlush. It minimizes the risk of data loss in case of a server crash.

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