Splunk Audit Event Handler Properties

useSSLSpecifies whether IDM should connect to the Splunk instance over SSL. Boolean, true or false.
hostThe hostname or IP address of the Splunk instance. If no hostname is specified, localhost is assumed.
portThe dedicated Splunk port for HTTP input. Default: 8088.
bufferingConfiguration for event buffering
maxSizeThe maximum number of events that can be buffered. Default/minimum: 10000.
writeIntervalThe delay after which the file-writer thread is scheduled to run after encountering an empty event buffer (units of 'ms' or 's' are recommended). Default: 100 ms.
maxBatchedEventsThe maximum number of events per batch-write to Splunk for each Write Interval. Default: 500.
authzToken The authorization token associated with the Splunk configured HTTP event collector.
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