Reconciliation Event Topic Properties

Event PropertyDescription
_idUUID for the message object, such as "0419d364-1b3d-4e4f-b769-555c3ca098b0".
transactionId UUID of the transaction; you might see the same ID in different audit event topics.
timestamp The time that IDM logged the message, in UTC format; for example, "2020-05-18T08:48:00.160Z".
eventName Name of the audit event: recon for this log.
userIdUser ID.
trackingIds A unique value for an object being tracked.
action Reconciliation action, shown as a Common REST action.
exceptionStack trace of the exception.
linkQualifier Link qualifier applied to the action.
mapping Name of the mapping used for the synchronization operation.
messageDescription of the synchronization action.
messageDetailDetails from the synchronization run, shown as Common REST output.
situationThe synchronization situation.
sourceObjectIdThe object ID on the source system, such as managed/user/9dce06d4-2fc1-4830-a92b-bd35c2f6bcbb.
statusReconciliation result status, such as SUCCESS or FAILURE.
targetObjectIdThe object ID on the target system, such as system/csvfile/account/bjensen.
reconcilingWhat is currently being reconciled, source for the first phase, target for the second phase.
ambiguousTargetObjectIds When the situation is AMBIGUOUS or UNQUALIFIED, and IDM cannot distinguish between more than one target object, the object IDs are logged, to help figure out what was ambiguous.
reconAction Reconciliation action, typically recon or null.
entryType Type of reconciliation log entry, such as start, entry, or summary.
reconIdUUID for the reconciliation operation.
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