KBA Security Answer Verification Stage

This stage verifies security answers and validates user lockout. The stage requires a user ID in state.

The stage reads the user object and validates that the user has not already failed to answer the security questions. The stage then obtains the configured security questions, and returns the minimum number of randomly selected questions as a requirement.

The stage validates any answers against the user object. If the requirement is not met (incorrect number of questions answered correctly) the stage throws a bad request exception and increments the failure count of the managed user. If the requirement is met (correct number of questions answered correctly) the process advances to the next stage.

Example configuration
    "name" : "kbaSecurityAnswerDefinitionStage",
    "kbaConfig" : null

The stage depends on a previous stage to populate the user ID in state. It has no dependencies on following stages.

Required Parameters
  • kbaConfig - reads the KBA configuration from the corresponding selfservice.kba.json file.

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