Configure the User Self-Registration Form

During user self-registration, IDM lists the attributes that users see in the user registration form, as defined in the selfservice-registration.json file. You can modify the properties shown to users in the registrationProperties code block:

"registrationProperties" : [

If you add a managed user property to the registrationProperties code block, IDM includes it in the user self-registration screen.

Alternatively, you can add a managed user property in the Admin UI. Select Configure > User Registration, and add a property under the Registration Form tab. This action also adds a managed user property to the noted code block.

In either case, you can change the order of properties; IDM shows the order you configure in the user self-registration screen.

You can also set up user self-registration via configuration files, as described in the following table:

User Self-Registration Configuration Files
File NameDescription enable email verification, you must configure an outgoing email server.
managed.jsonYou can customize user self-registration based on entries in this file. To change the labels seen by end users, change the associated title.
policy.json For more information, see "Add Custom Policies for Self-Registration and Password Reset".
selfservice.kba.jsonSee "Configure Security Questions".
selfservice-registration.jsonSee "Configure User Self-Registration".
ui-configuration.jsonSee "Configure User Self-Registration".

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