Parameters Stage

This stage captures parameters in the original request. To advance, the stage assesses the input body. Any values that have been passed in and are listed in the configuration are put into state. The stage ignores any values that are not listed in the configuration. The self-service mechanism passes the parameters back to the client at the end of the process.

By default, this stage is required only if you are integrating IDM with AM. The stage is added automatically if you use the UI to configure a self-service process, but can generally be ignored unless a custom client or UI requires it.

Example configuration
    "name" : "parameters",
    "parameterNames" : [

In all of the default IDM self-service processes, this must be the first stage in the process. In a custom process, the stage has no order dependencies, and can occur anywhere in a process. All this stage does is to copy named parameters into successAdditions for the process to output at tag:end.

Required Parameters
  • parameterNames - a list of parameters the stage supports. These parameters are returned in the requirements.

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