IG 2023.2

Switching from development mode to production mode

IG operates in development mode and production mode, as defined inDevelopment Mode and Production Mode.

After installation, IG is by default in production mode. While you evaluate IG or develop routes, it can be helpful to switch to development mode as described in Switching from production mode to development mode. However, after deployment it is essential to switch back to production mode to prevent unwanted changes to the configuration.

  1. In $HOME/.openig/config/admin.json (on Windows, appdata\OpenIG\config ), change the value of mode from DEVELOPMENT to PRODUCTION:

      "mode": "PRODUCTION"

    The file changes the operating mode from development mode to production mode. For more information about the admin.json file, refer to AdminHttpApplication (admin.json).

    The value set in admin.json overrides any value set by the ig.run.mode configuration token when it is used in an environment variable or system property. For information about ig.run.mode, refer to Configuration Tokens.

  2. (Optional) Prevent routes from being reloaded after startup:

    • To prevent all routes in the configuration from being reloaded, add a config.json as described in the Getting started, and configure the scanInterval property of the main Router.

    • To prevent individual routes from being reloaded, configure the scanInterval of the routers in those routes.

        "type": "Router",
        "config": {
          "scanInterval": "disabled"

    For more information, refer to Router.

  3. Restart IG.

    When IG starts up, the route endpoints are not displayed in the logs, and are not available. You can’t access Studio on http://ig.example.com:8080/openig/studio.

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