IG 2024.3

KeyManager (deprecated)

This object is deprecated; use SecretsKeyManager instead. For more information, refer to the Deprecated section of the Release Notes.

The configuration of a Java Secure Socket Extension KeyManager to manage private keys for IG. The configuration references the keystore that holds the keys.

When IG acts as a server, it uses a KeyManager to prove its identity to the client. When IG acts as a client, it uses a KeyManager to prove its identity to the server.


  "name": string,
  "type": "KeyManager",
  "config": {
    "keystore": KeyStore reference,
    "passwordSecretId": configuration expression<secret-id>,
    "alg": configuration expression<string>,
    "secretsProvider": SecretsProvider reference


"keystore": KeyStore reference, required

The KeyStore (deprecated) object that references the store for key certificates. When keystore is used in a KeyManager, it queries for private keys; when keystore is used in a TrustManager, it queries for certificates.

Provide either the name of the keystore object defined in the heap or an inline keystore configuration object.

"passwordSecretId": configuration expression<secret-id>, required

The secret ID of the password required to read private keys from the keystore.

This secret ID must point to a GenericSecret.

"alg": configuration expression<string>, optional

The certificate algorithm to use.

Default: the default for the platform, such as SunX509.

See also Expressions.

"secretsProvider": SecretsProvider reference, required

The SecretsProvider to query for the keystore password.


The following example configures a KeyManager that depends on a KeyStore (deprecated) configuration. The KeyManager and KeyStore passwords are provided by Java system properties or environment variables, and retrieved by the SystemAndEnvSecretStore. By default, the password values must be base64-encoded.

  "name": "MyKeyManager",
  "type": "KeyManager",
  "config": {
    "keystore": {
      "type": "KeyStore",
      "config": {
        "url": "file://${env['HOME']}/keystore.p12",
        "passwordSecretId": "keymanager.keystore.secret.id",
        "secretsProvider": "SystemAndEnvSecretStore"
    "passwordSecretId": "keymanager.secret.id",
    "secretsProvider": "SystemAndEnvSecretStore"
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