Web Policy Agents 5.10.2

Known issues

Known issues are important issues that remain open in the release.

Known issues in Web Agent 5.10.2

  • No new issues

Known issues in Web Agent 5.10.1

  • No new issues

Known issues in Web Agent 5.10

  • AMAGENTS-4672: Web Agent does not handle specific case for Not-Enforced URL and one level wildcard properly

  • AMAGENTS-4984: Setting samesite cookie to lax will cause the agent auth flow to fail if we are using different sites

  • AMAGENTS-5032: Native agents for windows do not correctly use unicode for the file system, resulting in configured files with garbled names.

  • AMAGENTS-5064: Single Page Application login flow will end with additional agent-auth-replay-key URL parameter

  • AMAGENTS-5116: Interactive Installer loops infinitely when an invalid host is supplied for the am url.

  • AMAGENTS-5127: Internal Server Error (500) and no error logging when Post is performed without Post data preservation

  • AMAGENTS-5147: Web agent incorrectly escapes UTF-8 when creating JSON for audit

  • AMAGENTS-5189: Fragment preservation does not work when we set com.forgerock.agents.cdsso.cookie.samesite=Strict

  • AMAGENTS-5212: com.sun.identity.agents.config.attribute.multi.value.separator value does not work for session attribute in Auth Tree

  • AMAGENTS-5219: Nginx agent can crash when configured with not-enforced-url regex option

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