Web Policy Agents 5.10.1

Known issues

Known issues are important issues that remain open in the release.

Known issues in Web Agent 5.10.1

No additional issues were opened in this release.

Known issues in Web Agent 5.10

  • AMAGENTS-4672: Web Agent does not handle specific case for Not-Enforced URL and one level wildcard properly

  • AMAGENTS-4984: Setting samesite cookie to lax will cause the agent auth flow to fail if we are using different sites

  • AMAGENTS-5032: Native agents for windows do not correctly use unicode for the file system, resulting in configured files with garbled names.

  • AMAGENTS-5064: Single Page Application login flow will end with additional agent-auth-replay-key URL parameter

  • AMAGENTS-5116: Interactive Installer loops infinitely when an invalid host is supplied for the am url.

  • AMAGENTS-5127: Internal Server Error (500) and no error logging when Post is performed without Post data preservation

  • AMAGENTS-5147: Web agent incorrectly escapes UTF-8 when creating JSON for audit

  • AMAGENTS-5189: Fragment preservation does not work when we set com.forgerock.agents.cdsso.cookie.samesite=Strict

  • AMAGENTS-5212: com.sun.identity.agents.config.attribute.multi.value.separator value does not work for session attribute in Auth Tree

  • AMAGENTS-5219: Nginx agent can crash when configured with not-enforced-url regex option

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