Autonomous Identity 2021.3.0


This guide is written for administrators who must manage and maintain Autonomous Identity.

ForgeRockĀ® Autonomous Identity is an entitlements analytics system that lets you fully manage your company’s access to your data.

An entitlement refers to the rights or privileges assigned to a user or thing for access to specific resources. A company can have millions of entitlements without a clear picture of what they are, what they do, and who they are assigned to. Autonomous Identity solves this problem by using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technology to determine the full entitlements landscape for your company. The system also detects potential risks arising from incorrect or over-provisioned entitlements that lead to policy violations. Autonomous Identity eliminates the manual re-certification of entitlements and provides a centralized, transparent, and contextual view of all access points within your company.

Quick Start

Learn how to stop and start Autonomous Identity.

Learn how to back up and restore data.

Learn how to export and import data.

Learn how to creating and remove users.

Learn how to configure the LDAP repository.

Learn how to change the domain name and target environment.

Learn how to change the domain name and target environment.

Learn how to change the vault passwords.

Learn how to monitor Autonomous Identity using the logs.

Learn how to set up single sign-on using OpenID Connect.

Learn how to set the session duration.

Learn how to run admin tasks on the UI.

Learn how to prep your data for ingestion.

Learn how to use the UI.

Learn how to set data sources for ingestion.

Learn how to set attribute mappings.

Learn how to set the analytics thresholds for machine learning.

Learn how to run the Analytics pipeline.

For installation instructions, see the Autonomous Identity Installation Guide.

For a description of the Autonomous Identity UI console, see the Autonomous Identity Users Guide.

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