Autonomous Identity 2021.3.0

Key Fixes

The following issues were fixed in Autonomous Identity 2021.3.0:

  • AUTOID-1975: Fix recommend runtime

  • AUTOID-1976: Re-work session management

  • AUTOID-1977: Add user permissions to other groups

  • AUTOID-1979: Application filters not working on Identities, Entitlements pages

  • AUTOID-1981: AutoID installation is trying to pull Access Notebook image

  • AUTOID-1993: Delete datasource not working for SSO

  • AUTOID-1994: Combo roles rails when approving entitlement (supervisor/entitlement owner)

  • AUTOID-1997: Api-configuration step in Deployer fails when public IP is used for target VMs

  • AUTOID-1999: JAS issue: after machine restarts, all UIHRData is not coming up

  • AUTOID-2004: Entitlements/unscored endpoint not working due to collision with entitlements/:id endpoint

  • AUTOID-2010: Bulk approval not working for entitlements - Application view

  • AUTOID-2011: Elastic search and filters not showing complete data (supervisor/entitlement owner)

  • AUTOID-2014: Bulk approval not working for entitlements - Employee details page

  • AUTOID-2015: Anomaly report is failing

  • AUTOID-2021: Dashboard - User type bug

  • AUTOID-2023: In Entity Definitions UI add Assignments section

  • AUTOID-2027: Enable additional attributes in assignments

  • AUTOID-2028: Assignments attributes marked as searchable should be saved to API config

  • AUTOID-2029: Change isinternal flag for usr_manager_id

  • AUTOID-2030: Modify UI behavior so that usr_manager_id can be changed

  • AUTOID-2032: Old colors user in dashboard → Most Critical Entitlements

  • AUTOID-2040: Remove reference to last_usage and is_assigned in autoid_es.json file

  • AUTOID-2046: Modify API to send assignment attributes with userDetails endpoint

  • AUTOID-2047: Modify employeeDetails page to enable optional attributes on assignment table

  • AUTOID-2064: Cassandra schema seeding fails if admin and user passwords are different

  • AUTOID-2065: Remove 'become:yes' from image-import.yml playbook

  • AUTOID-2068: Make firewalld configuration in deployer optional

  • AUTOID-2077: Modify employeeDetails 'Not Scored' table to enable optional attributes

  • AUTOID-2094: API: Re-add singleViewWithApp/employees endpoint

  • AUTOID-2187: Overlapping text on user detail page

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