Autonomous Identity 2021.3.0


Autonomous Identity 2021.3.0

The following endpoints were removed in release 2021.3.0:

Companyview (/api/companyview)

  • GET entitlementAvgGroupDetails Start End

  • GET Assignments High Threshold

  • GET Entitlements Without Owner

  • GET Users without manager

  • GET coverage

  • GET companyViewEntitlements

  • GET companyViewEmployeeTypes

Singleview with App (/api/singleViewWithApp)

  • GET entitlements/:entitlementId

Roleowner with App (/api/roleOwnerWithAppOriented)

  • All endpoints

Manager with App (/api/managers/WithAppOriented)

  • All endpoints

Entitlements (/api/entitlements)

  • GET Filters by Supervisor

  • GET Filters by Entt Owners

Applications (/api/applications)

  • GET filters

For more information, see Autonomous Identity API Guide.

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